Retrofit on a Centrifuge Control Panel

An oil and gas company needed to upgrade their control panels at minimal cost. Could hardware common to their existing fleet be used?


A customer owned a fleet of decanter control panels that were difficult to troubleshoot and were experiencing an accelerated rate of failures.

ICS was asked to develop a plan to upgrade control panels at a minimal cost by reusing their existing control cabinet and framework. Customer wanted to use hardware common to their existing fleet to help reduce cost of ownership.


A custom problem required a custom solution. In this project ICS:

  • Worked with the end customer to develop a hardware specification.
  • Designed two custom panel layouts to accommodate two different sized enclosures.
  • Created quality wiring diagrams / schematics for troubleshooting.
  • Replaced the existing control architecture, which was complicated and difficult to troubleshoot (Profibus & DeviceNet), with hardware that had built-in Ethernet communications.
  • Updated controls allowed additional data gathering that customers asked for such as torque control, speed feedback, bearing temperature monitoring, fault monitoring, and other diagnostic capabilities.
  • Added remote communications/control.
  • Programmed PLC to automatically re-program AC drives if one was ever replaced. AC Drives were now “plug & play.”
  • Replaced old HMIs that were difficult to read with daylight readable/compatible screens.
  • Added vibration suppressors to help reduce hardware failures.
  • Improved airflow to keep temperature-related issues down. 

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