Centrifuge Controls

Get support for OEMs and users of all brands of centrifuges.


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A partner who can support any component in your control panel

Have a new or existing centrifuge? Do you own your hardware, sell to others, or rent to your customers? Do you have a single unit or an entire fleet? ICS can help you maintain separation in the field or at your facility.

Integrity Control Solutions supports OEMs and users of all brands of centrifuges. We can help you revive an operational centrifuge, retrofit an outdated one, or replace a failed unit. We’ll even help you design a new centrifuge control panel if you need one.

Centrifuge Controls Services

We can support any component in your control panel, including troubleshooting, repair, programming, or replacement.

Complete Controls Retrofits

If you have an outdated or obsolete control panel, let us help you specify and replace the controls for better-than-new performance.

Exchanging Drives

We can retrofit the VFDs to your preferred brand and series, including control wiring and programming.


We can help you migrate from old hardware or software platforms, refresh legacy programs and write new code to your specs.


Choosing the proper interface hardware is critical. We’ll help you select the right product for your operating environment and ensure that hazardous environments and vibration don’t interrupt production.

Convert Existing Programs

ICS programming experts can extract old PLC code and convert it for use with new platforms or with products from different manufacturers.

Create New Programs

When you need to write brand-new code from the ground up, we can help. We’ll help you design the logic, program the controller for the most efficient option and test the code on your equipment.

Removal and Replacement

Our experts are ready to assist with removal of inefficient OEM components and assist with selection and setup of the best pieces for your process.

Emergency Troubleshooting

Our service technicians can come to you if you experience a breakdown. We’ll answer the phone in the evenings, over the weekends, and during the holidays if needed to keep you running.

Need custom controls work? We’re problem solvers, ready to put our expertise to work for you. Call us and see what is possible.

Why retrofit your centrifuge controls?

What products does ICS support?

"I manage a fuel distribution facility and we had a problem with one of our boards at one of the load racks. We rarely have problems with these racks so when this problem came, I wasn't sure who could help. I contacted ICS and they were very familiar with the control board. The technician arrived onsite the following day and sent the board to the ICS repair shop. ICS was able to find the parts needed to make the repairs and I was able to return the rack back into service in just a few short days. Thanks to ICS for their prompt and professional service. ICS is now an approved vendor for our company and highly recommend them."
- Steve


ICS knows that every industry has its unique challenges. It’s why you need a partner that can bring diverse experience and an independent perspective.

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