Turnkey Rebuild for Plastic Bag Machine

Is more safety, less maintenance, and higher performance possible for an outdated bag machine? See how ICS upgraded it to replace original hydraulic components with new electronic servo controls.


A customer needed more safety, less maintenance, and higher performance. We were able to complete a turnkey rebuild on a 70” Gloucester 418 bag machine.

This outdated machine needed to be upgraded to replace the original hydraulic components with new electronic servo controls.


Operators and maintenance personnel appreciate the improvements realized with a rebuilt machine.

  • Operators are no longer required to put their hands in the machinery to make adjustments while the line is running.
  • All adjustments can be made safely at the operator station.
  • Slip hazards are eliminated because the upgraded machine does not need hydraulic fluid.
  • No more stepping around absorbent pads, spill socks or kitty litter.
  • Maintenance workers do not have to stock or replace frequent failure components such as hoses, fittings or cylinders.
  • Operators can easily learn to use the touchscreen controls and find that it is easy to repeat projects via on-screen programming.
  • Manual tweaks are eliminated, so productivity stays high.

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