Mechanical Rebuild

Recondition or rebuild obsolete equipment into like-new condition.

Revive Low-
Performing Equipment



Don't replace old or outdated machinery—rebuild it

Do you have a critical piece of machinery that is now obsolete? Are you using the best technology for your end product? Do you want to convert existing DC applications to AC? Save time and money by rebuilding your equipment into like-new condition. 

With new controls and mechanical upgrades, we can revive your lower-performing presses, winders, and extruders. You can expect like-new condition and performance at a fraction of the cost of new. We even help with reinstallation and startup if needed.

Mechanical Rebuild Services

Rebuild Obsolete Equipment

We’ll give you a complete reconditioning solution, including automation controls, mechanical hardware, reinstallation, startup and training.

A la Carte Projects

If you don’t need a complete rebuild, we can drill down to critical components such as: replacing your DC drive and motor with AC, updating your temperature controls with the latest devices, or updating a single sensor or tension controller. If you’re unsure, we can walk you through the entire machine and help you choose.

Need custom rebuild services? We’re problem solvers, ready to put our expertise to work for you. Call us and see what is possible.

Why rebuild?

Why upgrade?

“ICS has designed and built control systems for me over the past 15 years. From equipment concept to the integration of the control system to superb support during and after startup, ICS has it all. They are innovative, dependable, service-driven, punctual, polite, and provide cutting edge technology and solutions to any control equipment needs."
- Fred


ICS knows that every industry has its unique challenges. It’s why you need a partner that can bring diverse experience and an independent perspective.

How to get started

Understand your needs

Talk with one of our senior engineers and we’ll identify the problems you’re facing.

Get to work

Working with your timing, budget, and existing equipment, our experts will work to find a solution unique to your industry.

Transform your business

No longer doing more of the same, reduce downtime, increase production, and deliver better results.