SCADA Programming

Illuminate all of the data that you never knew that you could collect.


Remote or Local

track efficiency for
iterative improvement

Get the most from your data

Do you know what your production data looks like? Do you know how much downtime you have, to the minute? Do you know your efficiency levels for the last thirty days?

ICS has the expertise and resources to illuminate the data that you never knew you could collect.

SCADA Programming Services

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

A manufacturing best practice, gain important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing process by identifying losses, bench-marking progress, and improving productivity.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

Reduce your risk of emergencies affecting your business with reliable preventative maintenance performed by SCADA experts.

Full Replacements

If you're replacing your system, get a neutral third-party to recommend the best SCADA system for your business.


Improve production with an expert partner. We troubleshoot your lines to optimize output and reliability.


Upgrade your existing equipment to ensure that your future production is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Need custom SCADA Programming services? We’re problem solvers, ready to put our expertise to work for you. Call us and see what is possible.

What are the benefits of a SCADA solution?

What is possible with a SCADA Programming?

"ICS is very responsive, professional and always cheerful. Knowledge on the scope of work is top notch. You will not find a controls company that is more willing and dedicated to go the extra mile to supply exactly what the end user desires."
- John


ICS knows that every industry has its unique challenges. It’s why you need a partner that can bring diverse experience and an independent perspective.

The expertise you need to get the most from your data

We are a certified Ignition by Inductive Automation integrator, as well as a registered system integrator partner for Wonderware.

How to get started

Understand your needs

Talk with one of our senior engineers and we’ll identify the problems you’re facing.

Get to work

Working with your timing, budget, and existing equipment, our experts will work to find a solution unique to your industry.

Transform your business

No longer doing more of the same, reduce downtime, increase production, and deliver better results.