Oil & Gas

In a volatile industry, optimize your operations while streamlining production.

Automation must work when needed

Technology, which automation is a big part of, has changed and continues to change the oil and gas industry. You’re trying to keep costs down and increase revenue. 

From improving recovery rates to electrocution to water recycling, you’re looking for innovation. There is a continuous drive for improved efficiency and profit while expectations grow to meet the world’s growing energy needs. It can be a tough place to be. 

Integrity Control Services understands the volatility you face and are the experts to help with your automation needs. From projects to operations and anywhere in-between, we’re located in the heart of the oil and gas industry, ready to help. 

How we help you

Get support for OEMs and users of all brands of centrifuges.
Illuminate all of the data that you never knew that you could collect.
Accommodate new machinery, change your automation equipment, or align with new industry technology.
Keep costs low by repairing machinery over replacing.
ICS field technicians are ready to support you twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year.
Stay up-to-date on automation technologies and increase your performance quality with expert-led on-site classes.
"I manage a fuel distribution facility and we had a problem with one of our boards at one of the load racks. We rarely have problems with these racks so when this problem came, I wasn't sure who could help. I contacted ICS and they were very familiar with the control board. The technician arrived onsite the following day and sent the board to the ICS repair shop. ICS was able to find the parts needed to make the repairs and I was able to return the rack back into service in just a few short days. Thanks to ICS for their prompt and professional service. ICS is now an approved vendor for our company and highly recommend them."
- Steve

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Understand your needs

Talk with one of our senior engineers and we’ll identify the problems you’re facing.

Get to work

Working with your timing, budget, and existing equipment, our experts will work to find a solution unique to your industry.

Transform your business

No longer doing more of the same, reduce downtime, increase production, and deliver better results.