Temperature Controls

Achieve product quality and productivity through the temperature control of your extruder.

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Better control provides a better product

Modern extruders typically have several different temperature zones, which can be parameterized individually regarding the desired temperature. The temperature control of the extruder is critical for achieving product quality and productivity.

ICS has the expertise to provide and configure a temperature control system to ensure consistent final product dimensions and properties.

Temperature Control Services

PID Loop Control

Multiloop PID Control

Data Logging

Batch Reporting

SetPoint Programming

Customized Sequence Control

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“ICS has designed and built control systems for me over the past 15 years. From equipment concept to the integration of the control system to superb support during and after startup, ICS has it all. They are innovative, dependable, service-driven, punctual, polite, and provide cutting edge technology and solutions to any control equipment needs."
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