Variable-Frequency Drives (VFD)

Optimize production while gaining better control of frequency and voltage.


Extend the life
of your equipment


Reduce risk and unscheduled outages

When used and installed correctly, a VFD can reduce energy consumption, reduce energy costs, increase production through tighter process control, extend equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs for your equipment.

ICS can help you install, update, troubleshoot, or repair your VFDs (also called an adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, variable speed drive, or inverter). We’re the industry-leading technicians you need to develop customized, turnkey solutions.

VFD Services

Factory-quality repairs

We can restore failed drives into like-new condition at a reduced cost. Free evaluations mean that you can you consider repairs with no risk.

New installations

Proper installation and startup can lengthen the expected life of your VFDs and motors, leading to lower cost of ownership.

Scheduled maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance at regularly scheduled intervals can help you avoid unplanned downtime and extend the life cycle of your VFDs.


Experiencing problems? We can help you determine if you need a full refurbishment or just have a faulty component.

Need additional VFD services? We’re problem solvers, ready to put our expertise to work for you. Call us and see what is possible.

Wind Turbine VFD Repair

Are you tired of shipping your drives to out of state OEMs? Are you paying too much and waiting too long? Sending repairs back to the factory can cost more and take longer than sending your modules to our Texas-based shop.

Our promise to you? We will repair only what’s wrong and charge only for the work that is done. That means no more paying for full refurbishment when all you need is a circuit board or fan. Here’s what ICS can do for you:

"ICS is very responsive, professional and always cheerful. Knowledge on the scope of work is top notch. You will not find a controls company that is more willing and dedicated to go the extra mile to supply exactly what the end user desires."
- John


ICS knows that every industry has its unique challenges. It’s why you need a partner that can bring diverse experience and an independent perspective.


The flexible partner you can rely on for all your VFD needs

How to get started

Understand your needs

Talk with one of our senior engineers and we’ll identify the problems you’re facing.

Get to work

Working with your timing, budget, and existing equipment, our experts will work to find a solution unique to your industry.

Transform your business

No longer doing more of the same, reduce downtime, increase production, and deliver better results.